A better way to connect
When COVID 19 halted the outdoor trade shows in 2019, Cody D'Acquisto took to the road. Traveling across the country holding small get-togethers to show mobile hunting products and spread the word of an ultra-mobile style of treestand hunting he has been implementing for many years.

"For as long as I can remember, I have been attending various spring Whitetail expos showing mobile hunting products, talking Whitetails, meeting new people, and making lifelong friends.

Although traditional trade shows have always been a great way to connect with people and display products, they were missing what the hunter was looking for, hands-on in-field experience, and I wanted to do something more.

I wanted to provide the ability for hunters to test out products but, more importantly, create a unique learning environment. An environment in which one could learn about treestands, see products but also learn about the ins and outs of Mobile Hunting. The goal was to share my hunting knowledge and recruit a team of close friends/incredibly successful hunters from all around the country, to have the ultimate Mobile Hunting get-together.

I am beyond stoked to be able to bring the Roadshow back to 6 states this summer to help hunters gear up for the upcoming season and spread the Mobile Hunting word. "
Cody D'Acquisto