Mobile Hunter Roadshow Event Ticket

Join us in Conklin, Michigan for the fourth stop on the 2022 Mobile Hunter Roadshow Circuit. The event is open to all! However, attendance will be limited based on location so don't wait, get your ticket now. Each ticket purchased automatically enters you in our Sponsored Brand Gear giveaways throughout the day/event.  


HANDS-ON PRODUCT/GEAR REVIEW- Get the first look at the new industry-leading mobile hunting gear for 2022

MOBILE HUNTING 101-  Educational Seminar in which we discuss the benefits and certain advantages of adopting a more mobile approach to hunting, as well as different strategic types and styles of mobile hunting

PRODUCT WALKTHROUGHS- Product Walkthrough Q&A with Roadshow team- Complete brand overviews, advantages of different products and best gear choices to suit your individual needs.

ROADSHOW Q&A- Get your questions answered! Scouting, hunting, tactics you name it. Participate in a Podcast with the Roadshow Speakers to be aired on the D'Acquisto Series Podcast platform 

STAND HANG WORKSHOP- Connect with each individual member of the Roadshow team and learn their different strategies and techniques. Test out first hand any gear of your choosing. Get in-field experience, familiarize yourself, even shoot your bow from the different models.

DISCOUNT PURCHASE OPPORTUNITIES- All Roadshow attendees will receive exclusive product deals for at-show purchases

GEAR GIVEAWAYS/EVENT CONTESTS- Gear Giveaway / Event Contest- All attendees will have a chance to compete and win gear from our Roadshow sponsors.



WHEN: Saturday, July 16th, 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

WHERE: Conklin, MI

ADDRESS: 2865 Coolidge Street Conklin, MI, 49403


  • Tyler Tutterow - Indiana
  • Cody D'Acquisto - Iowa 
  • Jacob Lishen - North Carolina
  • Torrey Owens - Michigan
  • Kristian Green - Michigan 
  • Kevin Boulder - Wisconsin
  • Dieter Kochan - Michigan


*Bring your Bow! Targets will be set up for demonstrations and contests

*Roadshow Lunch TBD

*One ticket is required for every adult. Children may attend free of charge

*All tickets sales are final